Surviving Flu Season, Symptom Free!


Flu season is coming and it seems like everyone around me is already coughing and sniffling!  But I’m here to tell you, getting sick does NOT have to come with the Winter territory.

For this week’s Hump-Day Health Tip, my top natural flu fighting tips:

1. SLEEP enough. Sleep is absolutely critical to a strong immune system. Aim for 7-9 hours! Don’t skimp / underestimate the importance of rest, when it comes to immunity.

2 Don’t STRESS or, at least avoid / control your stress levels as much as possible! In different ways, we all create ‘unnecessary’ stress in our lives. Meditate on how you create unnecessary stress in your life and do your best to resist going there.  Avoid engaging in other people’s drama and your own patterns, of over-doing. Think herbal teas, deep breathing, meditation, and Yoga.

3. EXERCISE! It increases your white blood cell count! Stay warm, get fit, and prevent the flu by getting your sweat on this winter. 🙂

4. Take PROBIOTICS (aka: beneficial bacteria) daily! These naturally strengthen your immune system. You need the good “bugs” you see, to effectively ward off the “bad” bugs (and an imbalance in this respect is very common!). I recommend the product “Super-8, Adult Probiotics,” by Udo’s Choice. I personally take these every day, ALL year round, and love them. PS: knock on wood but, I never get sick / the flu!

5. Eat really WELL! I believe the best way to ward off sickness, is super simple, it’s by taking very good care of your body / making sure you give it the nutrients / vitamins / minerals it needs, to function optimally. Eat a whole-foods based diet (avoid processed foods), and if possible, include vegetable juices ( they’re like liquid-nutrient-blood-transfusions for the body!)

6. Add ZINC to your daily protocol, as this particular mineral is particularly helpful, when it comes to flu-fighting! My favourite plant based source? Pumpkin Seeds! Eggs are a good source for the non-plant eaters.

7. Go, Go, Go, GARLIC! You’ve heard it before, and well, I’m just here to say it again / remind you, garlic, is a truly brilliant immune booster! Juice it, cook with it, or, take capsules.

8. Get enough VITAMIN-C! Up to 250-500mg per day. Lots of organic fruits and vegetables will best ensure you meet your requirements! If you want to go the supplemental route, I love / recommend “Health Force Naturals” whole food based powdered / vitamin-C (sourced from the areola cherry). 1tsp in your am smoothie, and you’re covered! If you want a hot drink, lemon, honey and ginger are the ideal throat soother, with the added benefit of a Vitamin C boost.

9. Stay HYDRATED! Adequate hydration ALSO supports immune response, and winter air, is really DRY! So, DRINK up to stay strong!

10. Get your Sauna on! Sauna therapy and also, Bikram Yoga,  helps flush toxins from your body (that may have otherwise weakened your immune system), AND furthermore, it actually RAISES your T-cell count! So again, it boosts your immunity! NATURALLY!

Stay warm and healthy this winter, by taking really good CARE of you and yours, naturally:)

by Teshia Maher

Teshia Maher is a Nutritional Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Host for, and a health awareness activist. She believes Yoga and Food to be the most powerful medicines on the planet and the very best vehicles for liberating the human spirit!