Testimonials“I found that my session with Teshia really opened my eyes to some key lifestyle changes that brought me more energy and improved my overall health. She really took the time before the session to understand my current lifestyle and habits, and customized solutions for me. When I started implementing her suggestions, I really noticed an awakening! Her knowledge of nutrition using natural, clean alternatives is excellent. I first knew of Teshia through attending her yoga classes, and I just new that both her inner and outer beauty in teaching would translate well in other areas of health and well being. And it proved right! Thank you Teshia!”

“Two months ago my energy level was going up and down throughout the day, to the point where I felt like I needed to put my head down and take a nap in the afternoons. I decided to meet with Teshia to get guidance and advice to overcome this and gain more energy. Teshia’s strong expertise in nutrition, along with her ability to connect with people helped me to modify my diet in such a way that it has changed my life for the better. What’s so amazing about Teshia is that she doesn’t judge anyone for what they eat, yet her guidance and recommendations worked within my goals to help me feel more energized. Today, I feel more vibrant and alive than I’ve ever felt in my life. I highly recommend Teshia; her professionalism and vibrant personality shines through in every session.”

“Teshia is very enthusiastic about what she does and she always provides great explanations. She helps you find healthier dietary solutions that really match your personal life style. She has shared with me very useful nutrition tips for my 2-year old son to ensure he can develop a stronger immune system. I really value Teshia’s expertise and professionalism.”

“Teshia changed my life. She literally gave me the biggest wake-up call of my life, which was to take care of my health. Before I met with her, I wasn’t taking care of myself and I felt horrible both mentally and physically which I now have learned- play hand in hand. Teshia taught me the value in eating properly, learning that each body is different and bodies need different things, and she aided me to find what my body needed. As a nutritional consultant, she is filled with advice and information. As a yoga teacher, she is brilliant and makes the practice completely moving. As a person, she is lovely and I am forever grateful for her services and how she has made me feel, which is a happy and healthy person!”

“Teshia is the only person I felt comfortable going to see- there is something very personal and emotional about food, health and food choices. Just as I had known she would be, Teshia was professional, non-judgmental, hugely well informed and full of wonderful suggestions that were healthy but that were also realistic and fit my busy lifestyle.

She paid close attention to my food log and made a few tweaks to my go to foods on the run that boosted my energy. Her technique is tailored to each client and utterly respectful and encouraging without being in any way pushy. It’s not an overstatement to say that going to see Teshia marked an improvement in my eating habits and made me a better vegan as well as a healthier person. Her suggestions have also given me a whole new range of go to foods and snacks that are easy and delicious.”

“Teshia is a tremendous resource for nutritional advice. She took the time to analyze my personal nutritional needs and recommended a customized plan to fit my busy work and home schedules. Our grocery store tour was informative (and fun), and Teshia’s thorough knowledge and expert advice have helped me gain a better appreciation for the all the raw and pure goodness that nature has to offer. I’ve been able to add more variety to my diet, simplify the preparation, gain more nutritional value from my meals, and, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Teshia for all your help… I have never felt better!”

“Teshia’s passion for better living and healthy eating is truly inspiring. With a simple, realistic approach, she helps you make an easy transition towards a healthier lifestyle. Her positive energy and her love and support make it easy to change your habits and Achieve your goals. Teshia’s glowing smile is contagious, she really motivates you to become a better person both inside and out.”

“When I met with Teshia at Living Live for nutritional counseling I was so relieved to see that Teshia actually listened…she did not impose HER nutritional beliefs on me or judge my eating patterns. She actually heard when I told her what I expected from our session, what I hoped to get out of it, what I felt my challenges would be. Teshia took all these things into consideration when addressing my nutritional consultation with her. Teshia spoke knowledgeably while introducing a whole new fascinating world so that I may meet my goals which are to have confidence while choosing food items and not make it a guessing game, and to feel generally better and have more energy. Now, thanks to Teshia, I have all I need in my cupboards to feel satisfied and I have the knowledge and information I need to eat with confidence in a world where we are bombarded with myths about food. Teshia reminded me that when you put hard work in, you get more rewards in return. Teshia has a very unique approach and I have told all my friends about her. I wish everyone could experience this because if you are what you eat then it helps to know what the heck to eat if you want to feel amazing.”