Has sugar HIJACKED your brain?! Constantly experiencing energy highs and lows? Feel like you have no control over your cravings? This Sugar Detox program is designed to give you your power back!

With this commitment (and in as little as 21 days) you will reprogram your brain and build the strength to resist the binge! Your cravings will soften and eventually subside, you’ll lose weight (anywhere from 3-10 pounds), de-puff, experience more stable / increased energy, your skin will glow, your sleep will deepen, and you’ll reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or a stroke later in life!

What’s included?!

  • A list of foods to EAT
  • A list of foods to AVOID
  • Specific guidelines for how to structure your meals and macros (at various times in the day) to help reset your brain and circadian rhythm
  • A detox shopping list
  • Lots of tips for how to boost the happy chemicals in your brain NATURALLY!
  • Lots of tips for what to do when cravings strike!
  • Lots of tips for how to manage detox symptoms / sugar withdrawal
  • A list of ‘optional’ supplements to utilize during the detox, if you find you need extra support during your journey

* Interactive support (depending on date of purchase!) via a private Facebook group, where you’ll receive daily tips (via post and video) to help you during your detox, as well as lots of great detox approved recipes to try! You will also be able to use this page to post any questions that might arise for you, so that Teshia can help you troubleshoot and thus, ensure your success!

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