When Less Is More, And More Is Less

Sleep LESS to get MORE done.

Workout MORE and eat LESS.

Invest MORE energy into planning the future and LESS energy into expanding your consciousness.

Spend MORE time on your phone and LESS time with the people you love. 

We often believe that in order to be get what we want (a promotion at work, a slimmer body, a happy life) we must work harder. But we’ve all experienced it right? That realization that it was as soon as we stopped dieting, that the body we were dying for finally appeared. Or how about when you finally surrender and allow yourself a weekend of doing absolutely nothing, only to find you are 10x more productive on Monday morning. Has that ever happened to you?

The wonderful Wayne Dyer once said (with reference to people who are addicted to smoking), and I paraphrase….

You think it’s easier to smoke then not to smoke. But really, when you think about it, in order to smoke you have to drive to the store, buy the cigarettes, find a lighter, light the cigarette, etc. Isn’t it actually easier to just, not smoke.

I relate to this when it comes to the lure I have always felt from caffeine. Oooooo coffee, so delicious, and within 15 minutes of drinking it… I literally feel like a super hero! I love feeling that super hero feeling! My workouts are better, my brain is sharper, and I can pace around my apartment like a lightening bolt getting so much MORE done in so much LESS time.

But, what is the quality of that time?  And how about the quality of the time that follows my feeding this addiction? Usually the rest of the day (post caffeine indulgence), I feel energetically unstable, sluggish, foggy, anxious, I experience poor quality sleep, unstable blood sugar = cravings, and worst of all … I feel less present in every one of my daily social interactions. Furthermore, why do I NEED to feel like a super hero anyway? Why isn’t just being ME, enough?

We focus on MORE, on the quick fix, but what we need to focus on improving…is the quality of our lives.

Some people might gawk at the idea of a “morning routine,” but I swear to you, starting your day in a conscious way will give you MORE time….not LESS!

Here are 5 morning routines for you to try ….

Morning Ritual

Prepare yourself a morning beverage (water with lemon, green juice, heck…maybe even coffee…ok!). The key here though, is you must enjoy your am drink of choice with full presence and gratitude. Sit in a chair while holding the mug / glass in your hand. Take 1 deep conscious breath, and then take a sip of your drink. Take another deep breath, and enjoy a second sip. Continue on in a similar fashion until you finish your dink. If you like, you could also make yourself a delicious and healthful breakfast, and then slowly and mindfully eat instead of drink.

Conscious Breathing

Again, sit somewhere that is comfortable. Maybe even in the morning
sunshine. Close your eyes and focus only on your breath. The inhale, the exhale, the slight pause that separates each breath. Try to focus your breathing into the base of your belly.


If you have a technique that you practice, or, do a guided meditation from an app or from youtube. Sitting still and quieting the mind is not something everyone wants to try. So how about a walking meditation instead?! Go for a 10 or 15 minute walk. But not a power walk. You won’t be as present if you are going fast. Walk at an easy pace and instead of focusing on squeezing your butt or on burning more calories, focus on maintaining slow and stead breathing, and on the sensation of your foot as it touches the ground.

Gratitude Journal

Every morning write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Can’t think of 5, you are trying too hard. Reflect on the little things. The comfortable bed you just crawled out, the beautiful breakfast you are about to enjoy, etc. Another great idea similar to this one is to simply take 10 minutes to read a chapter of a book that inspires you.


Synchronize your movement with your breath, and wake your body up with movement….instead of espresso! You could do sun salutations, some yin yoga, a few backbends or, just simply get on the floor and stretch. It doesn’t have to be fancy, don’t let overthinking inhibit you from trying…just move…that’s it.

Gratitude for your continued interest in learning from me, love to you …

xo! Teshia 

by Teshia Maher

Teshia Maher is a Nutritional Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Host for thedailyhiit.com, and a health awareness activist. She believes Yoga and Food to be the most powerful medicines on the planet and the very best vehicles for liberating the human spirit!