I Can’t Say Enough About The Avocado!

Your weekly HUMP-DAY HEALTH TIP: Hail to the Avocado!!

Avocados ROCK. I absolutely love them. Seriously though, the avocado is as “perfect” as a food gets. Furthermore, if you are not eating avocados on a regular basis, I highly advise you start.

Here’s why you might ALSO want to get excited about feeling your beautiful body, this beautiful food…

Avocados are rich in healthy monounsaturated fat as well as Omega-3 (the essential fat we tend not to get enough of!). They’re an especially brilliant source of “good fat” for babies (as they greatly assist the healthy development of their nervous systems).

Avocados, in general, make for a smart brain, bright eyes, and a health, happy heart! They contain tons of essential nutrients, all of which you you need to feel vibrant:

Vitamins A,C,D,E,K, B, B12, B6

  • folate
  • biotin
  • pantothenic acid
  • thiamine
  • riboflavin
  • niacin

Avocados are great for preventing:

  • birth defects
  • alzheimer’s
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

Avocados have the ability to

  • stabilize blood sugar
  • ensure healthy fertility
  • even lower blood-pressure!

Another avocado boasting benefit that I just can’t resist informing you of (which is especially relevant if you are a Yogi / Fitness-Enthusiast) is the fact that the avocados are a VERY rich source of potassium (One of the dominant minerals we lose in our sweat). Potassium is essential to both cellular and electrical function, as well as to healthy blood pressure, proper water-balance, and many other metabolic reactions!

Avocados ALSO bring something EXTRA to the table that some of the other potassium-rich foods (bananas, coconut water) just don’t: they’re naturally a very low-sugar food! This makes avocados an especially wonderful food for people who are sugar-sensitive, trying to stabilize blood-sugar levels, and / or attempting to keep insulin production low to better support weight loss!

Post-Workout Snack

Next time you finish your workout, try this amazing post workout snack (one that is guaranteed to replenish your electrolytes)!

1/2 avocado, squeezed with fresh lime, and with a sprinkle of sea-salt.

Sweat lots. Eat Avo often. Feel amazing.

xo! Teshia

by Teshia Maher

Teshia Maher is a Nutritional Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Host for thedailyhiit.com, and a health awareness activist. She believes Yoga and Food to be the most powerful medicines on the planet and the very best vehicles for liberating the human spirit!